A planning session on the Implementation of and Compliance with International Commercial Law Treaties Project (Treaty Project) took place on 15 February 2024 at the seat of UNIDROIT in Rome and online. The session was attended by 12 participants.

The Treaty Project is organised under the auspices of the Cape Town Convention Academic Project, which is a partnership between UNIDROIT and the University of Cambridge, with the Aviation Working Group as its Founding Sponsor. The Project is supported by the UNIDROIT Foundation and Aviareto and is aligned with the philosophy of the Foundation in supporting work designed to increase the effectiveness and benefits of international commercial law reform.

The session developed a basic methodology whereby experts from various fields of treaty law would address implementation and compliance issues in their fields, permitting comparative analysis and an assessment of elements relevant to international commercial law treaties.

This would be done by completion of a common questionnaire, for initial review by a working group, which will meet at the Lauterpatch Centre at the University of Cambridge in January 2025, a key collaborator in the Treaty Project.

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