What is the UNIDROIT Foundation?

The Foundation for the Support of UNIDROIT (UNIDROIT FOUNDATION) supports the activities of the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT) in the advancement of education in the field of international uniform law and comparative law. Included in that object is the promotion of international uniform law by facilitating and promoting support for:


The development of legal instruments

The organisation and conducting of seminars and other educational programs

Development of databases and other reference materials and information systems

The UNIDROIT FOUNDATION seeks to aid UNIDROIT in the latter’s effort to provide driving international leadership in matters within its scope, with a particular focus on topics or areas expected to gain importance to Governments and parties subject to transnational private law and over the coming years. These vanguard areas may include detailed economic and other assessments of transnational private law reform efforts and global access to electronic resources on transnational private law.

The UNIDROIT FOUNDATION’s operating policies are centred on identifying, raising funds, and carrying out activities that are complementary to and supportive of the core work of UNIDROIT. Such activities do not entail or imply the use of resources allocated to the UNIDROIT Work Programme or any impact on that Work Programme. Rather, such activities augment and reinforce the core mission of UNIDROIT.

The UNIDROIT FOUNDATION’s approach to fundraising is therefore based on a close link to the content of UNIDROIT’S work. Likewise, in conducting its fundraising and other activities, the UNIDROIT FOUNDATION works through the global network of scholars, companies, and individuals that have contributed to and benefited from the work of UNIDROIT over the years and see its importance in the future.