List of Supporters

The Foundation is currently being supported by:

Aviation Working Group

The Aviation Working Group (AWG) is a not-for-profit legal entity comprised of major aviation manufacturers, leasing companies and financial institutions that contribute to the development of policies, laws and regulations that facilitate advanced international aviation financing and leasing. The Aviation Working Group supports the Foundation’s work relating to the Economic Assessment of International Commercial Law Reform


Aviareto, a joint venture between SITA SC and the Irish Government, has a contract with the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) to establish and operate the International Registry as required by the Cape Town Treaty. Aviareto supports the Foundation’s work relating to Best Practices in the Field of Electronics Registry Design and Operation.

Sir Roy Goode

Sir Roy Goode CBE QC is an eminent academic commercial lawyer based in the United Kingdom, and was the first president of the UNIDROIT Foundation. Sir Goode has been a longstanding supporter of the Unidroit Foundation since its creation.

Past Supporters

The UNIDROIT Foundation has received support in the past from:

Practitioners, Industry Associations, Corporations

  • Association of German Banks (BdB), Germany (transnational capital markets)
  • Associazione Italiana Leasing (ASSILEX), Italy (scholarships)
  • CAPITALIA, Italy (transnational capital markets, contract principles, data base)
  • Hungarian Foreign Trade Bank (transnational capital markets)
  • Railway Working Group and Mr Howard Rosen (mobile equipment)
  • Space Working Group and Mr Peter Nesgos (mobile equipment)

Research and Educational Organisations

  • American Law Institute, United States of America (transnational civil procedure)
  • Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Germany (library)
  • International Center for Automated Information Research, United States of America (data base)
  • Max-Planck-Institute for Foreign Private Law and Private International Law, Germany (library)
  • Swiss Institute for Comparative Law, Switzerland (scholarships)
  • Transnational Law & Business University, Korea (scholarships)

Governments, Governmental Agencies and Intergovernmental Organisations

  • Government of the People’s Republic of China (scholarships)
  • Government of Finland (scholarships, mobile equipment)
  • Government of France (scholarships, general)
  • Government of Italy (library)
  • Government of Korea (scholarships)
  • Russian Foundation for Legal Reform (scholarships)
  • Government of Sweden (scholarships)
  • Government of Switzerland (legal co-operation)
  • Swiss National Bank (transnational capital markets)
  • Government of the United Kingdom (mobile equipment)
  • Government of the United States of America (mobile equipment)
  • Agence de la Francophonie (scholarships)
  • Council of Europe (scholarships)