The 9th Workshop of the Economic Assessment of International Commercial Law Reform (EA ICLR) Project took place on 14 and 15 February 2024 at the seat of UNIDROIT in Rome and online. The Workshop was attended by 12 participants.

The project is managed under the auspices of the Cape Town Convention Academic Project, in partnership with the UNIDROIT Foundation, and the Aviation Working Group. Its primary purpose is to develop a framework for conducting economic analyses of international commercial law reform. The previous workshops resulted in the development of a Framework consisting of Variables to assess the economic impact of ICLR.

The 9th Workshop focused on issues and challenges in the practical application of the Framework and the Guide, particularly from an economist’s perspective. It included a comparison of an ex post economic analysis of the Cape Town Convention and the Aircraft Protocol with the approach and concepts in the EA ICLR project. Building on the outcomes of the 8th Workshop, the 9th workshop focused on further developing guidance to accompany the Framework.

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