The UNIDROIT Foundation is a registered not-for-profit (Stichting) organisation in the Netherlands. The Foundation is registered with KvK-nummer is 41159935 and our RSIN is 812693292. The statutory name of the Foundation is Stichting ter ondersteuning van Unidroit/Foundation for the Support of Unidroit. It is also known as Unidroit Stichting/The Unidroit Foundation. The Foundation has its corporate seat at gemeente ‘s-Gravenhage.

The Foundation is managed by its Board of Governors, with support from Senior Counsellors and Managers. All members of the Board, Counsellors, and Managers work on a voluntary basis with no payment or compensation.

The constitution of the Foundation is governed by its Statute. This details is object and purpose. The Foundation can be contacted through this page.

The Foundation’s latest Strategy document can be found here. This has not been updated in 2021 and continues to remain applicable.

The latest summary of Foundation activities can be found here. The Foundation’s financial statement for 2020 can be found here.