The 7th Workshop for the project on Best Practices in the Field of Electronic Registry Design and Operation (BPER) was organised by the Cape Town Convention Academic Project at the UNIDROIT Headquarters, and on Zoom, on 13 and 14 February 2024. This project is supported by the UNIDROIT Foundation and Aviareto.

The Workshop had 48 participants, 22 of which participated in-person, and 26 online. Following the publication of a Guide on Best Practices for Electronic Collateral Registries in 2021, the BPER Project is presently working towards the preparation of a Guide on Best Practices for Electronic Business Registries.

The 7th Workshop featured the presentation of a detailed outline of the prospective guide, and a reassessment of the guide’s scope, content, and structure. It also included a review of the existing Critical Performance Factors, with the purpose of identifying the adaptations needed in the context of business registries, as well as a discussion on the proposed additional Critical Performance Factors. Finally, the Workshop collected input from various national and international organisations involved in the design and operation of companies registries, and examined other international instruments in this area.

A full report for the Workshop will be posted in the coming weeks on the website of the Cape Town Convention Academic Project.

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